Force-Balanced Precision Accelerometer
& Inclinometer Rail Transportation

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Precision accelerometers and inclinometers

All Jewell force-balanced (servo) precision accelerometers and inclinometers are fully self-contained, and extremely sensitive.
They connect to a DC power source and a readout or control device for a complete operating system.

Precision accelerometers respond to change in velocity as small as 1µg. Hysteresis is less than 0.0005% of full range output and vibration rectification is less than 50µG/G2. Our inclinometers are rugged transducers designed to provide horizontal angle or vertical deviation measurements with virtually infinite resolution - responding to changes of slope as small as 0.1 second of arc.


Rail Maintenance Of Way

The LCF, LSBC and LSOC Series provide high accuracy, rugged solutions for measuring low frequency tilt in applications where high shock & vibration are present.

The LCF, LSBC and LSOC Series provide feedback for tilt in track construction, rail renewal projects, tie exchange and rail resurfacing applications.






Rail Automated Train Controls

The LCA accelerometers accurately determine train position with mathematical double integration.

The LSBC, LCA, LCI and LCF Series are used in rapid transit, metro and high-speed train systems throughout the world. Our accelerometers are crucial components in safety and control systems offering a safe, controlled ride by providing train acceleration, deceleration and position feedback information.

The LSO and LCF Series have accurately and reliably sensed centripetal acceleration for railcar tilt control for many years throughout the world.

Rail Test and Measurement

The LCF and LCI Series provide high accuracy tilt input for laser surveying recorders establishing catenary, super-elevation and cross-rail position.
The LSOC, LSMP and LCF Series provide pitch and roll, acceleration/deceleration, platform tilt and vibration test technical information for railcar, subway and tilt train applications.
The LCF and LCI Series provides train tunnel tilt measurement information.




      eCompass Series

      The standard electronic compass, represents the state-of-the-art in magnetic compassing.
      The e-Compass Series covers:
      - low power electric compass
      - 3d electronic compass and
      - electronic compass with gyro.

Force-Balanced Precision Accelerometer & Inclinometer
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Jewell Instruments provides both standard and custom solutions for a diverse group of industries, such as aerospace, medical, industrial, telecommunications, and rail markets. They manufacture their components completely in-house and work together with ALTHEN and the clients, maintaining control over the entire development processes. Our legacy of experience and success, and the expertise of our engineering team, mean customers benefit from extensive resources at their disposal.

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For over 60 years, Jewell Instruments has provided commercial and industrial sensors and controls, meters and avionics, and industrial test equipment solutions. The ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures that our customers receive products and systems with the dependability and reliability that their applications demand. Jewell and ALTHEN’s experienced engineering team works with customers to produce high quality, reliable products that meet or exceed their requirements.

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We specialize in reliability, value and responsiveness. Cooperation and joint planning between our engineering groups and our clients drive our customer care experience. We work as an extension of our customers’ engineering and manufacturing teams to solve problems, improve applications, shorten lead-times and bring more value to their products and services. Superb customer support is the cornerstone of our many successful, long-term customer relationships.