In our practical training courses, we teach your employees how to use your metrology system ideally. This allows reliable results without deviations.

Whether pressure, force or distance – after training by our experts, you and your employees will be capable of using your newly purchased equipment optimally. We train you in the products and show you how they are used specifically for your requirements.

Our training program interweaves theoretical knowledge with practical applications. We give you the knowledge to work reliably with metrology systems and show you how you can evaluate your measurement results effectively.

Providing knowledge on an equal footing

Our practical training lets you benefit from the decades of experience of our experts. Althen doesn't simply sell you a product. We especially want to share with you our knowledge in the area of metrology technology and sensors. 

Practical training on-site

We will be happy to train you in your own facilities. There is no additional cost to you. Our consultants thoroughly explain and demonstrate all the functions of the measurement system. The explanation is comprehensible and goes into the smallest of details.


Your advantages from training by Althen:

You get accurate results during your measurement, and avoid erroneous data.
You will know all the functions of your product and learn how you can get the most from your metrology system.
You will learn step by step how to work with your measurement system.
An ALTHEN expert explains all questions on-site in the practical training.