Precision Potentiometers

Althen offers a wide range of precision potentiometers with excellent durability and high durability. As input element and sensor, they are often used to control electronic devices despite digitalization. For good reason.

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Precision potentiometer: The most commonly used angle sensor technology

Our precision potentiometers use conductive plastic technology (infinite resolution), are available as wirewound models with larger power dissipation and longer lifetime or use hybrid (combined advantages) technology.

A wide choice of resistive outputs is offered. The contactless potentiometers (long lifetime) use Hall effect IC technology and offer DC voltage output.

Besides the different contactless models we offer a great variety in types such as Single-turn/Multi-turn, specials such as Sinus/Cosinus potentiometers, oil-filled types, multiple gang types, motorised potentiometers and a number of turns-counting dials.

Of course we offer many opportunities for customising of nearly all types, both electrically and mechanically, already for small series. Don't hesitate to contact one of our potentiometer specialists directly.

Selected potentiometers from our portfolio

Single Turn Potentiometer

These single potentiometers are ideal for measurement applications like control motions and to determine position on industrial controls of operating robots and machines.

Multi Turn Potentiometers

These multi turn potentiometers are used to determine position on industrial controls of operating machines and robots and to control motions.



Oil filled Potentiometer

These oil-filled potentiometers are often used in R&D, industrial and maritime applications.

Sin Cos Potentiometer

These sensors are durable and have an excellent lifetime.

Motor Potentiometer

These motor potentiometers are well-known for their high reliability, precise mechanism, extreme stability and high power for input as well as for output.

Turning-counting dials Potentiometer

These dial potentiometers are designed for panel controls where adjustment setting/lock device is needed or a turn indicating device.

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