Industrial (ATEX-) Joysticks

Althen offers a comprehensive model selection for modern operating concepts via joysticks: finger, thumb and hand joysticks. Without Gearbox and on request with ATEX components. Customers benefit not only from the extremely long service life (up to 10 million movements) of our joysticks, but also from short delivery times.

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  • Joystick Portfolio with 1 to 6 axis

    • Fingertip, palm grip or hand operated joystick controllers for precise control
    • Ergonomic grips, push buttons and switches
    • Precision potentiometer, Hall effect
    • Optional CAN interface
    • Robust mechanics and high IP rating for long lifetime
    • Special joystick  ATEX components
    • Dynamic Positioning for maritime applications
    • Foot pedals are available for many applications

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Industrial joysticks: Modern operating concepts for interfaces between man and machine

Joysticks are becoming more and more important as input devices in operating concepts at the human-machine interface. From simple operations in which one switch is actuated per direction of motion, to multi-stage configurations.

As a specialized partner, Althen offers a comprehensive range of robust joysticks with modern, non-contact, Hall sensors and classic potentiometers. Designed for applications in confined spaces up to heavy-duty applications. Our joystick program is based on high-quality components that guarantee a long-lasting function of up to 10 million movements. In principle, we adapt the joysticks precisely to your special requirements and, if necessary, also equip them with ATEX components for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Fingerjoysticks (1 to 3 axis)

The Altheris fingertip joysticks are small and ergonomic joysticks especially designed for mounting in narrow spaces. Their size is between 25 and 40 mm. These joysticks are often used for wheelchairs, precision machines, robotic operations and medical instruments, but also for applications where space is not an issue.

Medium-sized hand joysticks (1 to 3 axis)

The midsize hand operating joysticks are mostly used for cranes, robotics operations and in the maritime industry. We offer longer operating life and vibration proof joysticks. Each type of joystick is available with potentiometers or hall effect sensors.

Large hand joysticks (1 to 6 axis)

The large hand operating joysticks are rugged, durable and perfectly suited for heavy duty applications such as cranes, harvesting machine simulators and in the marine industry. Each joystick is available with hall effect sensors or potentiometers. Our large hand operated joysticks can be customized to your needs.

Atex joysticks (1 to 3 axis)

The joysticks can be delivered with ATEX components which makes them perfectly suited for hazardous explosive atmospheres where high reliability and safety are required. All the potentiometers and switches used on the ATEX joysticks are IECEX approved.

Areas of Application

Agricultural Machines

For the operation of machines in agriculture we offer the multifunctional joystick Large Cobra C90JAM.

Forestry Machines

For the requirements in the forestry we offer the robust joystick S90JA.



Heavy Duty Vehicles

Specially for heavy-duty vehicles, there is the multifunctional mini cobra joystick SMHC60JHK.

Mining Vehicles

High-quality joysticks with ATEX components such as the S50CCK are used in mining.



Marine Industry

In der Schiffahrt sind die Joysticks wie der S50JAK speziell für die dynamische Positionierung konzipiert.


For the control of robots, we offer the specially developed 3-axis joystick 30JHK with a very high accuracy.

Fork Lift Trucks

1-axis joysticks such as the 30JHK are especially used for forklift trucks as a reliable operation for critical functions.


Precision joysticks with 3-axis are used in medical devices.

CCTV Camera Control

Robust joysticks such as the H40JHK with 3-axis are especially used for CCTV camera control.

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