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Sensors for physical phenomena and measurement technology

Althen is your specialist for electrical measurement of physical values and independant consulting. Our product range encompasses the following physical values: pressure/differential pressure, force, load, torque, position, distance, rotary angle, acceleration, vibration, rate, inclination, levelling. 

Broad product portfolio

From our portfolio, a variety of standard products, choose the components that best meet your requirements. And get advice from one of our experts at any time. Our products cover the entire measurement chain and offer solutions for any physical variables. Thanks to careful selection and close cooperation with our suppliers, we can also adjust components to your individual proposals.

  • Druckaufnehmer und Drucksensoren


    Pressure sensors and transducers with measurement ranges starting at 0.5 mbar up to 12.000 bar


  • Force

    Load cells and weighing modules as sensor ot turn-key solution. Ranges starting at 0.5 N up to 1.500 tons


  • Torque

    Torque measurement systems from Althen: torque sensors as low as 0.1Nm up to 25kNm


  • Position

    Position sensors from 0.125 mm up to 1.000 mm gauging solutions from the measurement specialists


  • Rotary

    Inductive and potentiometric rotary angle sensors with ranges between 5 and 360 degree


  • Inclination

    Servo-Inclinometers or MEMS-based tilt sensors measurement solutions from ALTHEN


  • Acceleration

    Acceleration sensors and measurement systems starting with 0.25 range and higher


  • Vibration

    Vibration measurement at a glance: vibration sensors, amplifiers and analysis software


  • Rate

    Rate sensors and gyros from Althen: state-of-the-art sensors based on the latest MEMS-technology


  • Datalogging

    Datalogging, PC-based data acquisition or XY-recorders

  • Amplifier

    Amplifier for strain gauge, inductive or IEPE sensors combined with the broad range of sensors offer easy turn-key-solutions


  • Automation

    Solutions for process automation: connecting load cells and weighting systems tp PLCs or fieldbus enviroments